How Does Missed CPE Requirements Affect You In 2023?

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements are an important aspect of any professional's career, as they ensure that individuals stay up to date with the latest industry knowledge and best practices. However, if you miss the required number of CPE credits, the consequences can be significant, especially in 2023, when the regulations are becoming more stringent. Missed CPE requirements can result in the loss of professional certification, which can impact your career growth and earning potential.

Every state board has its own CPE guidelines, and in this article, we have listed the state-wise consequences of missed CPE requirements below:


CPAs in Alabama who have not completed CPA CPE requirements may be granted additional time to complete them. It is also possible for the Alabama State Board of Accountancy to take disciplinary action.

If a licensee fails a CPE audit, they will automatically be audited for two more years. It may be necessary to take all the disciplinary action if you fail a follow-up audit.


Those CPAs who fails to meet CPE requirements may see their CPA licenses revoked or suspended. CPA license renewal may also be denied by the Alaska State Board of Accountancy.

It is permissible for the Board to relax or suspend the CPA continuing education requirements for applicants who certify that they will not be practicing public accounting or who are experiencing personal hardship.


In Arizona, disciplinary actions for noncompliance with CPE can range from administrative penalties to suspension. A CPA who is found to be noncompliant by the Board will receive a notification, as well as a right to a hearing. Their CPE CPA license renewal will be suspended if they fail to prove CPE compliance.

A CPA may reinstate his or her certificate up to six months after it has been suspended. They will lose their certificate after six months. A $50 late renewal fee will be charged to noncompliant CPAs after completing their CPE hours, in addition to the regular renewal fee.

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