How To Replace Cell Formats in Excel Workbook?

A whole Excel workbook may need to be formatted, which can be time-consuming if each worksheet is edited separately. 

As you are working in a big firm and need to update excel quickly, what will be your strategy? Do you replace it manually or are you going to try some excel tricks? Obviously, you need special tricks!

In this article, you will know more about excel workbooks and also get a sneak peek way to entirely format the workbook in minutes. 

In the current economic climate, people are embarking on economic drives to save money at home and work, with utility companies announcing substantial price increases.

Let’s just take a scenario of some company XYZ, where a strict regime has been instituted to cut costs across the board. The manager called a meeting where the entire staff was asked to reconsider their actions. If you're making that phone call, wouldn't an email suffice? Does the light in the stationery cupboard need to be on when nobody is in it?" he said.

His posters ask, "IS THIS NECESSARY?" reminded people that an economic drive was underway and that small savings would add up to a considerable saving over a year.

One employee went to print an Excel workbook with this new cost-cutting attitude in mind. A glimpse of one of the posters prompted a thought as he was about to click Print. Even though the workbook was for reference only, all the column headers and totals were bold. Ink would be wasted if he printed the bold entries as they were, so he changed them to regular type. Unfortunately, this workbook had 27 worksheets, so it would take a while to complete.

In Excel, he can change the formatting of an entire workbook with a few mouse clicks rather than altering each worksheet individually. From version 2003 onwards, the process has been the same. 

Eliminating the bold fonts:

For example, the employee would have eliminated bold fonts from the entire document.

To bring up the Find & Replace dialog box

  1. Open the workbook and press Ctrl + H
  2. Click Format instead of typing into the Find What box
  3. This will open a dialog box for finding formats
  4. Go to the Font tab and select Bold from the Font Style menu
  5. Click the OK button

When you are back in the Find and Replace box, click the Format button, select Regular from the list, and click OK. Finally, click OK to return to the Find and Replace window. Once you have selected the Workbook, click Replace All in the Within box. By now, Excel has been instructed to replace all bold text within the workbook with regular text.

It would help if you spent some time exploring the Find Format dialog box. All the tabs will show you the formatting options available to you. For example, use different fonts or borders, or experiment with different fonts.

One of the great features of this application is the ability to perform many similar tasks using the same process once you learn how to do one. Thus, the learning curve is much less steep, and students can develop a working knowledge of Excel fairly quickly. It is always in demand for those skilled in the use of Excel, so why not explore the versatility of the application?    

To get more updates or need extra drive into the excel features, Excel-accountant is here to solve your issues. You can read all our blogs to know about excel and become an expert in using excel. 

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